Thursday, December 6, 2012

SNOW ARRIVAL. . .& now there are 3..oopsy, 4!

Another little snow person flew in today all the way from Pennsylvania. Thank you, Beverly! He is so cute. Your hand applique and embroidery are wonderful!
SP from Beverly
The new little guy is playing nicely with Feisty and Melty, up on the wall. And, now there are 3 - oopsy 4, forgot Twiggy - with 8 more to come.
Feisty by Frummie
Melty by Pat from FL
That's all for today, sew until next time: I'll be prepping a few DJ blocks and finishing up a design I'm working on - shhhh, it's a secret! What are YOU playing with today?
Quilty Hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

So sweet! I received my "Innocencia" today too. Only 3 here!

Emily Breclaw said...

Those snowmen are going to make a darling quilt!! Your DJ is inspiring me to attempt one. . . .

Anonymous said...

They are so sweet. I love snowmen. Not politically correct snowpeople, but good ol' fashioned snowmen. :D

Deb A said...

Love the melty snowman! They are going to make a very cute little quilt. Me, I need to finish quilting a quilt and prep another for quilting this weekend. Tick, tock, the clock is ticking away on me getting them in the mail.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What fun blocks you received! Melty is too funny :)