Friday, November 2, 2012


Two more DJ blocks completed: block D-4 and triangle LS-11 . No current totals yet. I need to lay out all the blocks and count. It's time to make a chart and hang it in the sewing room. So hopefully I can make one up sometime before Christmas... which is just around the corner! Yipes.
DJ Block: D-4 completed 28 Oct 2012
D4: I PPd this block in 3 horizontal sections, but when connecting the rows, didn't sew all the way to the ends of the background pieces.
D4: PP in 3 horizontal sections using partial seaming
With the paper still on the back, and holding block up to a light source, fold the fabric to align the diagonal seams at the outer edges. A few applique stitches and the seam was secure. Then, applique the melons on. This method gave me the alignment I was going for.
Aligning the diagonal corner seam using a light source
Triangle: PPd this one also. Next time I will plan the seam directions so things are easier to line up. Or better yet, return to using FP-PPing which allows one to flip the seams in any direction. I like that. Look closely at the pic below. Do you see the fussy-cut flower in the tiny melon at the top of the triangle? I won't try that again anytime soon. LOL
DJ Triangle: LS-11, completed 28 Oct 2012
Until next time. . . I'm going to clean house for about an hour and then finish up another DJ triangle & practice some FMQing. What are YOU going to do today?
Quilty Hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

So happy for your progress!

Deb A said...

Great looking blocks! Want to come and clean my house for an hour?

Sheila said...

So complicated!! Oh my. You did good!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful blocks Cyn and complicated looking but your work is perfect!

LuAnn said...

Your DJ blocks are just beautiful. I love your fussy cut flower at the top of the triangle. I'm glad you are sewing the triangles along with the blocks. I waited til the end and then did all 52 triangles and corners. You are doing it the right way!