Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Knit, InterNet-woes, & Missy hanging out. . .

Hello Friends. . . The center of the shawl is complete and now I'm "binding off" by knitting-off the 576 stitches into a lace edging:
This Icelandic Unspun yarn is so very warm that I knit while keeping the whole thing in a plastic bag on my lap! lol. It helps a little bit and it does keep my kitty off of it. . . Missy loves to 'knead' her paws in this soft stuff.
Look closely to see the bamboo needle sticking out of the shawl near the upper right corner [in the pic below]; that's the center! OMGoodness, but this is going to be one large shawl! LOL. I was planning on blocking it on my queen size bed, but as you can see, that plan will have to be revised!
Here's Missy hanging out in her fave chair by the front window. She sure knows how to stretch out and REEEE-LAAAAX! lol. She's a lot of fun to watch.
Internet update: Still no U-Verse Line! *big dissapointing sigh!* . . . Not sure how long it will take. Originally it was only supposed to be a couple of weeks! Oh my. Not being able to get OnLine everyday with my friends has given me a horrible case of "Internet-Putter-Withdrawal"! LOL
I remember something my dear Mother used to tell me. . . that if one looks hard enough, there is good in everything. So, while not being on the putter has been awful, it has provided me with a ton of knitting time. LOL. The knitted shawl is almost done. Only about 200 more stitches to 'knit off' to complete the lace edging.
Well, that's it for now. Thank you for stopping by & leave a comment if you like. . . I enjoy reading them.