Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heart2Heart - Special goodies from SUSAN!

SUSAN sent a very special Heart2Heart block to me for my heart quilt. Isn't it gorgeous?! She does amazingly beautiful stitchery:

We decided that we would also swap special H2H siggies, and this is what Susan designed and made -- isn't the embroidery wonderful? Susan has a lot of talent!
She also included THREE extra gifties! First, this beautiful patchwork and embellished heart. I love the little flower at the 'inney' of the heart. I plan to attach a silk ribbon behind this flower and hang the heart in my bedroom. Won't that be neat? I told Susan what I was going to do with my heart and she said she was doing the same thing! Kindred hearts, indeed! *vbg*
A lovely hand towel embroidered with Australian flowers:
And this precious heart that she hand crocheted! Perfect!

Everything came wrapped in pastel tissue papers and tied with pretty colored embroidery floss! How clever is that?!

Thank you so much, Susan. I feel lucky to be included in your friendship circle!

All for now... thank you for stopping by and sharing my joy,
PS: I wonder if this post 'reads correctly'... I mean, afterall, it is after 3:30 in the morning!!! -- sheesh, what am I still doing up??? Nite Nite, everyone! lol
PPSS: Ok... the news flash has been received --lol-- no more posting in the middle of the night when my brain is even less effective than usual! LOL. One of the pictures and some text "evaporated" from my post -- so, look above; I put it back in! I better get a better handle on using the "preview" button! *g* Sometimes I just think that I have no idea what I'm doing in blog-land! But, I'll keep trying. *vbg*. It's all a learning process....ya?!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

CONTEST - Free gift at Ranette's blog... hurry, hurry

Hello Everyone...
Ranette is having a drawing for a special Moda gift on her blog in honor of her darling girls... go have a visit and put your name in the hat!
While you're there check out her postings and pics -- Ranette has a fun blog!
Good luck in the drawing. . .
More later... thank you for stopping by,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Siggy Time - Happy Mail from Kristine!

Last week I received this fun Siggy from Kristine who lives in Germany. Isn't the bovine fabric fun? I love it! She also wrote a wonderful and newsy letter about her locale with some history of her area, including ancient trade routes! Kristine's note even included a map of where she is in Germany - what a teriffic idea!

Kristine sounds like a lovely person and even invited me to coffee if I ever get to her part of the world -- now that's Hospitality!

Thank you, Kristine, for your fun Siggy and your lovely, newsy letter!

All for now - thank you for stopping by . . .


Monday, June 8, 2009

HUGE Thank You's!

Hello Everyone,
Huge thank you's and hugs all around for the many lovely, encouraging emails I've received lately. I really appreciate it -- Thank You!
It really feels good to "feel good" again! LOL. I'm finally over the 'flu bug' and am just resting a bit and trying to get the wind back into my sails... life is good! I have some nifty pics that I'll be posting and sharing soon.
All for now... thank you for stopping by,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Surprise from ROSA!... Happy Mail...

It's been raining pink fabric at my house lately! A HUGE surprise turned up on my doorstep on Monday - a big package of Pink fabrics from ROSA! And she included the cutest card, too!

Aren't these gorgeous? I haven't seen any of these before. I love the CW repro fabrics, but these pinks are amazing! The two projects I'm working on: CWD and the Road Less Traveled, will be extra special because friends' fabrics will be in it!

Thank you so much, dear Rosa, your generosity overwhelms me!
All for now... thank you for visiting,
Note: I haven't posted in several days because I've been sick in bed with the "bug," but other than weak and a bit of a sore throat, I am much better. I'll be back in a day or so when I'm feeling stronger. ;-)