Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Mail . . . a surprise from STEFFINI!

This absolutely amazing hankie was handmade by SteffiniD and sent to me for my recent birthday. It is embroidered with a cake, candles [the 'flames' are bullion knots!], and balloons -- this little gal loves balloons! lol. A birthday wish is stitched in the corner, along with the date. Note the tatted edging! WOWZER, I never saw anything like this before... it's perfect! The back of the hankie looks almost identical to the front--Steffini's work is that precise! Thank you, Steffini!

Steffini also sent this lovely how-to book about needle-tatting, a few tatting needles, and some thread! I've been playing with this book... it's great! I've completed a couple of tiny practice items, and will post pics soon. This is gonna take a lot of practice... I can tell! lol

In addition to all her other talents, Steffini can also cook, bake, can, etc..... So, she whipped up a big batch of Cran-Apple Butter and sent me some! YUMMO!!! Amazingly enough, I had just baked a loaf of sourdough bread early Friday morning and had creme cheese on hand, too... guess what this lucky little gal had for her breakfast??? Wow, jar is pretty too!
Steffini's gifts [except the apple butter!] were all tucked inside pockets sewn on a lovely wall hanging she made. Now that's what I call a clever presentation! Picture to follow...I want it hanging on the wall before I take the picture. It's gorgeous!

Thank you for everything, Steffini. I am blown away by your generosity and will always treasure your gifts, but most of all, I treasure your loving friendship!
Today -- Sunday -- was a lovely day here in my little corner of the world. The sun was shinning, it was neither too hot nor to cool, a faint breeze was blowing off the ocean, the birds were singing. It was lovely indeed. Days like these are special. I truly hope your day was as wonderful!

More soon,



Monday, March 8, 2010

YIPPEE-SKIPPEE: Network up and running. . .

Hello World!

Let's see, it's been since August that I've posted! WOWZER! I have experienced more than a few putter problems at my end of the keyboard and I was ill for a few months which really slowed me, it has taken this long to get things going again. Persistance, that's the key! LOL

I will be u/l pics real soon and bringing the blog up to date... but meanwhile, just wanted to say, "Hey!" to everyone and to send special thanks to all of those who left comments and emailed me privately with their well-wishes. Thank you so much!

More to follow, soon!