Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HAPPY MAIL! Embroidery!

The postie brought some lovely Happy Mail: a wonderful embroidery from Frummie. I think her Charlie helped... or maybe it was the other way around! lol. Thank you so much Frummie. Your lovely embroidery will become part of a special label for my Civil War Quilt. The picture below does not do justice to this gorgeous stitchery... all the stitching is PERFECT and so delicate!
Embroidery by Frummie
Until next time. . . I am off to my sewing circle meeting to sit-n-chat-n-sew. What are YOU up to today?

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Quilty Hugs,


Cathi said...

What incredible detail in that embroidery! You will truly have a one-of-a-kind label with that incorporated into it! Stunning.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Beautiful embroidery work.

Cathy said...

Oh, what an excellent idea for a label. Lucky you to have someone send you mail like that. It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful embroidery! The label is a great idea - perfect, in fact. :)

Sheila said...

Awesome stitching. I think that is the best I have ever seen!

Emily Breclaw said...

Oh, that is positively lovely-- just what I would expect of Frummie!
I'm up to housecleaning today, but might get a couple hexies stitched while waiting for the kids to get out of school!