Friday, November 16, 2012

CORNER TIME... DJ TLC & A Great Notion

Yesterday and today was very productive. I worked on the Top Left Corner kite for my Dear Jane quilt. Here she is all completed:
DJ Kite: TLC Sadie Rose - completed Fri, 11/16/2012
There are several ways to complete this block, but I decided to mostly just piece it. I made FP templates by printing the block from the DJ software onto a sheet of FP; cut apart. Press the FP templates onto b/g fabric. Cut 10 squares of focus fabric for the octogons. Lay octogons out into their grid shape 3x3 and piece the edges that touch.
Applique-piecing using LadderStitch - not EPP. No whip stitches!
Press under the remaining edges of octogons and lay on center b/g square.
Piecing the center area of DJ-TLC
 Sew b/g pieces together [catching all the outside edges of the octogons in this seam allowance]. I left the FP on while machine stitching... worked great.
Stitching next to edge of FP template - adding the 'side-wings' to TLC
Applique the pressed-under edges of the octogons to the b/g; and, applique the top octogon onto the topmost point piece. Done. I really enjoyed making this block. It is not hard to do, but is a bit time consuming.
Back of TLC showing construction - FP templates left on to stabilize edges during sewing.
A great notion: My wonderful friend Jill encouraged me to try the "Prep-Tool."  What a fabulous tool it is! Now that I've tried it, I love it! If it hadn't been for Jill, I never would have. Aren't friends great? Thank you, Jill!
PrepTool - perfect scant 1/4" s.a. & corner "nipper"
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Until next time. . . I will be spending the day playing with SnowPeople parts. What are YOU going to do?

Quilty Hugs,


Deb A said...

Great job on the block! It looks great. How about a picture of all the DJ's you've done so far?

Craftluver said...

Cyn, what a great idea to just applique the inner edges of the snowball parts! I hand pieced all those .....tiny pieces! No not redoing it LOL! Yours looks great! Well done!

Rosa Robichaud said...

You need to give us examples or a tutorial or whatever for your "Prep Tool"!!!!

We need pictures and explanations - your blog fans REQUIRE this!!!!


LOVE your corner block, BTW!!!


scraphappy said...

Your block turned out great. What a smart way to approach all of the unique angles and shapes.

Elly D said...

Your corner block is so gorgeous Cyn :) Really, really beautiful. It is so crisp and beautifully made and the fabric is gorgeous.
Yup what Rosa said about the tool! LOL...

Pat from Florida said...

Thanks for the tut. Someday my Jane will surface. I have the tool, but need a tut on using it too.

I have a google account but am going to try using that open id to see how/if it will work. Nope, not just with a name. You have to put in a url too. Hmmm.............. This whole issue is so frustrating to we bloggers who want to make it easy to comment.

Craftluver said...

LOL I agree with Rosa Cyn! I was just coming back to ask what this prep tool was about!