Friday, December 30, 2011

ORCA BAY - Clue #7 and hiding fabric!

Well, here it is, my first FG of Clue 7 in the Orca Bay Mystery [please see Bonnie Hunter's site for all the info and to join in].
What I learned: when attaching the 'winged units' to the red-string triangles, be more careful of how the seam allowances line up - especially across the top. This first one is a tad wonky. Also, I think less agressive pressing will be good -- it's just too easy to knock & stretch all these bias edges. Thank Heavens my block is not as goofy as it looks in the pic above. The picture angle is crooked. ;(
Hiding fabric! Yipes!!!  I found 14 more pieces of black hiding in the closet. Who knew? lol. Perhaps I should look in there more often during DAYLIGHT when I can actually see something. One of the 'blacks' that I pulled out to cut more wing-triangles, actually turned out to be a 'purple'. But since it reads as mostly black I'm going to use it anyway. Why not, right?! Discovered a couple of neutrals, too.

I'm wondering how everyone else is coming along with their OB Clues? Should be a lot of eye candy on the Net come this weekend. And Sunday will be the BIG reveal on Bonnie's site. Can't wait to see the whole thing! I wonder if it will look anything like what I have pictured in my head? Probably not! lol

My little kitty Missy was being just too adorable this morning, so naturally I snapped a couple of shots of her... kitties are so cute! Notice all the shreds of cardboard bits around her on the rug -- she loves to tear it up! Naturally I let her. It helps to groom her nails, she loves to do it, and I do own a vaccuum and can always clean it up later. . Poor little thing, see how thin she has become? She has almost no hips at all! She is in a battle with Chronic Renal Failure and some days are better than others.

Thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope you will come again.  Meanwhile, I hope you have lots of time to sew up something that makes you or someone you care about happy!

Quilty Hugs,


SubeeSews said...

Your cat and your rug sure match each other. I am so sorry to hear of the renal failure. Bonnie's friend Tonya's cat Who looks like yours)!!! has the same issue. Hope you have a great New Year's Eve! I cannot wait until the reveal tomorrow!

Elly D said...

Missy is looking oh so gorgeous showing off her beautiful coat! Even though she is trying to cammoflage herself on your carpet :)) Love your Orca pieces :)) hugs