Saturday, December 31, 2011

KINDA OrcaBay Clue #6 laid out and ready to sew

Well, backwards is better than "no wards", I guess. lol.  I have OrcaBay's Clue #6 laid out and ready to sew.  Creating the OhioStar blocks in positive & negative makes it more interesting to me. I like it. Bonnie is a wonderful designer.
I am making piles of the QSTs & 2.5" squares [oriented in their correct positions] and then will just assembly-line sew them up:

I just noticed that Bonnie has posted the BIG OrcaBay REVEAL!  I won't give anything away... you must go to Quiltville to see for yourself. What a great quilt. Thank you, Bonnie Hunter for an interesting and fun mystery.

Happy New Year, everyone! See ya next year... golly, that's 2012! Yikes!

Quilty hugs,


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Love your Ohio star blocks! The prints are beautiful, just saw the final layout and can't wait to put it together!

Judi said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my quilt and my knitting. Blogging is great isn't it? Getting comments from like minded people you've never met makes it worthwhile. I am umming and ahing over the Orca Bay, I'd love to do it but as I'm still working full time I don't think I can do it at the moment, I shall follow yours with interest.
Happy New Year to you too.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Neat Ohio Star block.. one of my most favorite blocks!

Happy New Year.

Carolyn :)

Anonymous said...

Looking good Cyn. Selfishly wishing mine looked like this!
~Jillian in North Dakota

Candace said...

Your blocks are looking great and wish I'd read your post earlier sounds like you have a good method going.