Monday, December 5, 2011

ORCA BAY: Clue #2... yes, I know I'm working a bit backwards

Today sees the completion of 10 string blocks for Clue #2. Yes, I'm working a bit backwards -- lol -- I did Clue #3 yesterday. Not to worry. As long as they all get sewed up sometime between now and ??? whenever, it's all good! LOL. Check out all the info at Quiltville -- you'll be glad you did.

I wasn't sure if I would like the Blue String blocks -- blue is a great color, but my personal fave is RED! But now that they are sewn together, I find myself really really liking them -- even loving these cute little blue blocks! Glad I tried a color outside my usual. The "stretch" will do me good.

Isn't it weird how the blocks look so yucky and strange after sewing [pic on left]... but TRIM [pic on right] and they look wonderful!

Yup... me likey these little blocks. Perhaps "stringing" is my thing; scrap blocks certainly are! I made a Spider Quilt last year -- Katrin talked me into it! LOL.  Katrin started a Spider Ring and it was so much fun.

Tomorrow will see more of Clue#2 HST blocks and the beginning of Clue#1 QST blocks. The method I am choosing for all triangle blocks is Inklingo! I love the predictable precision I get when using Inklingo. Rather than run paper through my printer, PP, and pick off paper; I iron fabric to FP, run through printer, cut, sew, press, DONE! Love it. A big thanks to Linda Franz for her invention. I have no affiliation, I am just an extremely Happy Camper!

That's all for now... I am off to my closet to pull more black, blue, neutral and some reds. If I do some prep now, I can sew more tomorrow... or at least that is my plan.

Thank you for stopping by to visit. . .

Quilty hugs,


Elaine Adair said...

The blue strings ARE lovely!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your blocks look great! I am working on all 3 steps and like you, I'll get them done!

Candace said...

Your blue strings are great, I love that lacy material it fooled me for a minute. I guess I'll be doing some blue strings as Bonnie's red is my blue and I've heard that there are going to be more strings.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Lookin good! I love the string piecing part the best. I finished Step 1 and 3 today and now will go back to working on my strings as a treat for finishing the other 2 steps.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Lovely little string blocks. I too enjoyed making them. Maybe we will have some red to add soon :)