Thursday, April 14, 2011

SPIDERs - better late than . . .

Here it is Thursday already.  I missed posting on Wednesday Spider Day. . . have been out busy with my oldest son exchanging batteries on my RV. Sheesh! There are SIX batts in my rig. . . and the cost of batts these days. . . oh well, you get the idea.  Enough of that.

Nine blocks are stitched together. The connecting seams are pressed open as I think the top will press and lay better this way. The s.a. inside the blocks are twirled -- this set up opposing s.a. and made it easier to sew the blocks together.

 The pale yellow used in the center of each block will be repeated as a narrow first border, followed by a pieced border incorporating all the different fabrics used in the Spider blocks. I'm leaning toward a red binding to finish it off, but will make that final decision later. Are you making a Spider quilt? 

Here's Miss Diva who has wedged herself back under the covers. She's such a cute fluff ball. ; -)

Time to hit the 'rain-room' and get ready -- today is Guild day.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope where ever you are, you find some time to create and sew today. . .
Cyn; -)


Cattinka said...

Your progres on the spider web looks good, and your blocks are even neat from the backside. Thanks for showing how you iron them.

Brigitte said...

hi Cyn, thanks for showing us Miss Diva, she is a beauty! Is she a Siamese? They are talking, right? I owned British Shorthair, blue and blue-cream, loved this cats. Now we are living with our American Cocker lady Nelli. Greetings from Germany - Brigitte

LOVE your spider blocks, good to see you are creative

tich said...

Miss Speedy is the word for you. the quilt looks great!

Pat from Florida said...

Cyn, your spider quilt is progressing nicely. I love red with yellow, so I vote yes, red binding.