Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SPIDER WEDNESDAY. . . And: Strings, Strings, Strings!

This is my progress so far on the little Spider Block table topper I'm making:

Late last night I finished sewing the four pieced borders:

This is how I pressed it... with seams twirled inside the blocks, and s.a. pressed open block-2-block:

Yesterday was the meeting of our Tuesday Friendship Group. Many of the gals in this group are now making various versions of the Spider block.  This is Joy's block... what a cutie with the Pink ric-rack in the wedges:

Here is how Joy lined up the rickrack for sewing:

Deb sewing a triangle piece. A finished triangle sits on her machine:

Rosemary made TWO kinds of string blocks. . . Amish Shadows, and diagonal stripping:

Rosemary's layout for her batik blocks:

Our ever-smiling Renee', shows another version of stripping:

This is the pattern she drew [Renee is also a great teacher!]:

And some of Renee's blocks-in-progress:

An iron beside the sewing machine is a handy help with this kind of strip piecing:

Some 'lost' blocks found in Deb's Grandma's attic. . . trust me, Deb will do something wonderful with these rescued beauties:

Well, now that I've exhausted your eyes with 13 photos, I'll close for now. . .

Thank you for stopping by and I hope where ever you are that you have time and the inclination to create something that makes you happy.

Cyn; -)
PS: Want to see more Spider blocks? Click here for Katrin's blog -- she is the clever gal who started this whole "Spider Web Ring" thing.
On this side of the BigBluePond, Rosa is also making a Spider -- check it out -- nifty!


Pat from Florida said...

What a fun group you have. Your progress is super!

Cattinka said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and for taking us with you to your stitch group. The ladies are all working on beautiful string blocks, but I like the spider web blocks the most, but maybe I am biased on that matter. No, really they are all doing a wonderful job. And it would be a honor to see more of their work.

Petruschka said...

Dear Cyn!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I don't really speak english, but I try my best to tell you that your group is really great with a lot of funny ideas on the spider-web. Such many colours and variations, I like it.


Dawn said...

I love the spider Web blocks! Beautiful :)

antique quilter said...

love those blocks she found on the black background can't wait to see what she makes with those.
thanks for sharing pictures of your group , always fun to see what others are working on