Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello ... and... SPIDER Virus strikes So. Calif!!

Hello Friends. . . It has been ages since my last post. It feels good to be back again. Thank you all for your kind emails and well-wishes.  Update: I am healing well. No more surgery until sometime later this summer.

QUILTY STUFF!!! . . . The SPIDER VIRUS is going around putter-land these days and now it has struck in Southern California! lol. Cattinka was my first 'exposure' to this disease, and when I mentioned this to Rosa, she became infected too! Now I have the virus!  Will YOU succomb to it? Go visit Catinka for the 'scoop'.  Below is first block:

Second block: [sewn together after its Photo Op]

And this is the MESS they leave behind!

I'm just a novice PPer and have a lot to learn. Practice, practice, practice... ya?!  For reasons still unclear to moi, I drew my PPing pattern as a size 4 1/2" block! Yikes! I must be crazy. Note to self: switch to larger size!

More pictures next time. . . thank you for stopping by.

Cyn; -)


Cattinka said...

What a beautiful post. I am so glad you and Rosa are also having fun sewing the spider web quilt! A good decision to take out the paper once a block is finished! I left it in until the whole top was pieced and I had a lot of paper ripping to do.
Have a nice sunday!

Frummie said...

I don't PP this. I have to read Cattinka's blog to see how she does this.

I will try to find where I have the instructions.


Elly D said...

WOW! Cyn your blocks look fabulous!!! I'm starting to feel a tickle ;))
Hugs Ellyx

Brigitte said...

glad you are doing better and are sewing actually - I'm infected with the "sewing-stripes-on-paper-virus" as well, thanks to Bonnie Hunter. I'm doing her Virginia Bound pattern - pics later on my blog -