Monday, April 18, 2011

"Baby", Missy, 'n Me, go for a ride!

Finally got the RV out of storage and took it to Chad at Desert Sport RV in Vista, CA, for a little pre-season service and to replace the batteries. It was about time to get all new ones -- sometimes it's just best to "bite the bullet" and do something... so I did. Everything runs like a top now! Yippee.
Packed up Miss Diva, who wasn't too sure about the whole RV trip thing, a few fresh groceries, my new EQ7 manual [for some light], and hit the road. Drove to the local Harbor where if one is lucky, one can find a camping space -- we were lucky and got one right on the water. The weather cooperated and it was beautiful.  I had a wonderful time, so relaxing and restful. Missy the cat? Not so much. She mostly stayed in the back bedroom. . . I think she just felt safer there. When I went to bed, she jumped up and in it with me like a shot and stayed there all night. She was purring away most of the time, so perhaps she did like the peace and quiet away from the dog afterall. Taking her on a couple more short trips ought to tell the tale if Missy will agree to be an RV kitty or not... we'll see. I can only be very patient and hope. Fingers crossed! lol
This is a quickie... I'll have more on Wednesday. Thank you for stopping by. I hope where ever you are that you have time to create and sew, knit, crochet. . . or ???., what ever makes YOU happy.
Cyn; -)
PS: "baby" looks a whole lot better after she's had a bath. She picks up a lot of grime while she's in storage. This photo was taken b4 her 'spa treatment'. I wish i had a picture of us at the Harbor, but I forgot the camera! Nuts.


Cattinka said...

This will be a fun summer traveling around in your RV. I hope the cat gets used to travelling.

Rosa Robichaud said...

WOW Cyn!

You can DRIVE that thing?!?!??

I'm impressed! *VBG*

Tks for sharing pictures!


Frummie said...

I think I am coming out to visit...this looks like too much fun.

Luv ya

Brigitte said...

hi Cyn, love your RV!!! Grew up with camping, first in tents later with a trailer. Enjoy this time, my friend - happy easter Brigitte