Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blooms 4 Thursday. . .

While grocery shopping yesterday, I came across a basket of Daffodils. Just laying there... all dry, no water! So naturally I rescued a bunch and brought them home -- a little water and voila! The buds opened into gorgeous blooms this morning. Yellow flowers are so "happy", don't you think?
This sweet purple orchid sits quietly in the north west corner of my living room most of the year, but come Spring it sends off a bounty of buds and blooms. I've had this plant for years and it faithfully says "hello" every Spring.  Don't ya just love it? No care, no feeding... just a drink of water now and then. Orchids thrive on neglect! My kind of plant. lol

The lovely cymbidium* orchid [below] 'lives' near the front window in my living room. Although it hasn't been here long, it too has sent up a bounty of lovely blooms.

That's all the pictures for today. I'm trying to finish up a couple more Spider blocks so I can work on the border... I'm thinking more scraps in a 'key-board' sort of layout.

Thank you for stopping by. . . I hope it's wonderful where ever you are!
Cyn; -)
*I just know I didn't spell that correctly! Ever have one of 'those' days?

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