Thursday, October 14, 2010

SIGGY TIME. . . It's raining Siggies in California!

Happy Mail is so much fun to get and it's raining Siggies here in Califnornia!  Here are 5 that haven't made it to my blog yet... enjoy, these are some fun ones!

Sorry for the sloppy edges on the pics. I had them all cropped up real pretty and now my laptop won't let me get them! Sheesh... some days! I know it's probably some little stupid thing I'm either doing or not doing that's throwing the wrench into the works, but I don't know what it is... so I'll just live with it today.

There are so many wonderful talented and sharing people in the world. I am so lucky that these five people chose to share their art with me. . . I hope you enjoyed this little art show this morning.

Have a nice day everyone and may all your edges be straight! LOL

Cyn; -)

PS: Surgery went well. Better than I had hoped for, actually. I am lucky to have so many wonderful people praying for me... thank you, everyone! There will be a couple of days rest while we wait for the final pathology reports to come back and then more surgery and the reconstruction process will begin.  I will be on and off the putter during this time and will post on days that I feel up to it.  I am fortunate that I feel well enough to sew a little bit some days and that helps fill the time and ease my nerves during this whole process.  Life is good!


Susan said...

We will keep you on our prayer list and look forward to the days when you feel like chatting.

Keep some stitching near by to enjoy.

Pat from Florida said...

What beautiful siggies! Very special. Glad to hear that surgery went well. Take care of yourself, friend.

Frummie said...

Hey Love,
Glad you are doing well.
Remember your Monday morning mantra, or MMM from now on...LOL
Love you

tich said...

You GO girl!! Glad you are doing so well.

Unknown said...

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