Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OH, YOU SAID "WHAT"??? . . . & Cute Knitted TOTE Grocery Bag

Good morning... this card is just too funny NOT to share. . . . . rofl . . .  Ok, now that I've tickled all our Funny Bones. . .

Here's this morning's tale:  Being a little out of my mind this morning [read: heavy], and felt biten by the Fly Lady bug,   I ran across this pattern idea [pic below] from Knit Picks as I was sorting through a huge stack of catalogs to shred the mailing labels off before tossing the whole lot into the recycle bin. Anyway. . . I just love their products: good stuff and decent prices; nice people, too. So. . . I am going to run off and go order me one right now! lol.
OMG... while I was testing the link to make sure it is working ok, I discovered that the pattern & kit are NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Yipes! This is sure a case of "Me Snooze, Me Lose"! When I called and s/w Susan, she said they will be re-offering this pattern in new yarns some time later, perhaps in the Spring. *big sigh!*  It sure is cute, though, isn't it?
I am not familiar with the "mesh stitch" shown in the pic, or I'd give it a go w/out a patttern. . . anyone out there know how to do this Mesh stitch? The Mesh Stitch panel looks knitted with an alternate panel of just just plain garter stitch. Is that what you see?  If you click on the pic, it will get larger.  The bottom looks to be very firm... maybe a slip-stitch stitch like: Sl1, K1 on alternating rounds? I could cast on about 8 stitches & begin with Emily Ockers' beginning, increasing to a functional circle size using the Sl1K1 pattern and see what happens, eh?! lol. I learned about Emily Ockers' trick by reading Elizabeth Zimmermans' many wonderful books. I'm such an EZ fan! *grin*  Any helpers out there is blogland today that can help? Thanks. I think it's ok to ask for help on this, as it was offered as a FREE patt when purchasing their CotLin  yarns and, of course, I would purchase their cotlin yarns to make it.

What projects are you knitting or crocheting these days? Gee, the Holidays are right around the corner; guess I better get crackin'! lol

I think I'll go stitch my last couple of Hexies for the FF BOM and bring myself up to date on that project. Do you ever fall behind on the many FREE BOMs offered on the net by wonderful and sharing bloggers? I have good intentions, but can't always follow through.
Have a lovely day.
Cyn; -)


Susan said...

Loved the card........Thanks for the picker upper.

Not sure at all about the mesh stitch but I did find this online:

Frummie said...

Dear Cyn and Susan,
I love the stitch you found Susan. Cyn, couldn't you crochet and DC and get the meshy look?
Hugs Sweetie

LuAnn said...

Hi Cyn....I found your siggie block in my stack of Christmas siggie swap blocks from 2008 yesterday. Have you put your quilt together yet? That market tote looks familiar for some reason. Have you checked over on Ravelry or knitting daily? I'll check my patterns and let you know if I find it.