Monday, October 11, 2010

POT LIFTERS... One More Time... and last post b4 surgery

Good morning, all! This is a super quickie post to share my neighbor and friend Joy's bindless potholder with you. Joy alternated her folded bits, then stitched down. I like her version better than mine and will make mine like this from now on. Everything else is the same except for the layering [see yesteredays' post for construction info].

Here's a pic of my campanion Miss Diva who keeps me company on these long nights. Missy is not too sure about posing for pictures at this un-goshly hour! LOL.

Seems that lately I've been doing more stitchery than sewing. Here's something I made a several years ago but have yet to finish. Think i'll just put a pieced framing unit around it; sew it up into a pillow and call in fini!

This will be my last post for a little while. Not sure how long. I have surgery early Tuesday morning... then the inevitable time for healing, etc.. Please pray for me... hope to talk with you all soon.

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