Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pot Holders & Siggie Lines. . .

Good Morning... at least it is morning here and now at my end of the keyboard.  Just a tad before 6:00am., actually. Sure am an early riser today. lol.

Today, while finishing up a little potholder, I decided to try some different corners and binding techniques. And, what better project to 'donate' to a learning and practice curve than a poor little potholder?!  If it turns out badly I don't have anything to lose, and I still have a little functional something to lift hot pans with. Win - win! lol.

As you can see the corners don't match... I was trying out various corner ideas in preparation for making a stack of potholders for Christmas. While trying out some different options, I had an epiphany of sorts: sense I don't relish the idea of sewing bindings on about 25 potholders, why not make them a'la Mug Rugs? Why not indeed! I think it will work and NO bindings to sew on.

Ok I'm off to my sewing corner to give this new idea a try... I'll post some pics later and share how it turns out.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.  Oh, almost forgot... if you don't see a post from me for maybe as long as two weeks from this coming Tuesday, it's because I'm having surgery. As soon as the wind gets back into my sails, I'll be back on line.  Wish me well... ta ta for now,

PS: see my new sig' line? Ain't it purrrrty? Thank you, Brigitte, for tutoring me on how to do this!

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Brigitte said...

LOVE your signature line, why didn't I think of the ;-) ????
Know: I'm with you not only on Tuesday - until I get any infos!!!!
sending friendship hugs
Brigitte from Germany