Monday, October 4, 2010

JUST FOR FUN: POOR LITTLE KITTY & Other Happy Mail. . . .

Most of you know that I have a very soft spot in my heart for kitties. Well, since I've been under the weather a little bit lately, I've been lucky enough to receive some wonderful Get Well cards.  My sweet cousin Sandy, who is also a kitty-lover, sent me this card recently and I think it's just toooooo darling not to share:

Right now, everyone who happens to come visit at my house better be on their "Ps" n "Qs"! LOL.  Why? If they don't watch their language, I have just the gum to offer them, thanks to my great friend Rosa -- lol.  What a hoot, eh?!

Quilters and bloggers are such wonderful and sharing friends... dear Rosa is both.  Thank you, Rosa!

The last couple of days has seen a bonanza of Happy Mail at my house.  Here are pics of my two recent DJSP gifties... Aug and Sep.

The one [to the right] is August's and includes authentic 30's fabrics. They sure are purrrty!  A very clever "match book style" of emery boards to carry in my purse. I love this! Also for my purse, is a very small note pad. It has a nifty strap so the notepad will stay CLOSED when inside of my purse instead of all messed up! Now that's smart... love it! Thank you, SP.

Here's September's fun gifty package:-- FIVE FQs!; a Photo Sponge [I don't know what this is but will have fun figuring it out]; Candy... yummo!; and a Sugar Bear. I had only heard of these and never seen one... now me gots one... I'm happy! LOL.
What a clever invention. What a fun assortment of goodies. Thank you, dear Secret Pal.

Here's a close up of this great fabric! The perfect fabrics for this season of the year... I love it! Oopsy, pic won't come out of the bottom of the post... so that's where it is! LOL

I just can't resist sending the pic I took of Missy this evening. [pls see pic below].  I was laying out everything on the foot of my bed getting ready to blog -- I think that was her 'signal' -- and when I turned away to reach for my water bottle, up she hopped into my chair and sat looking right a the screen of the laptop. Sure wish my shutter speed was faster; the first shoot was the priceless one as she was intently staring at the computer screen! LOL

That's it for now... I need to take my night time meds and hit the sheets.
Hope all is well out there in blogland... I'm sending you all my very best!

Cyn; -)
PS: Well, as u can see i am having more than a little bit of trouble posting and getting things lined up tonight./.. please bear with me as I think I will just have to leave this one as it is and I'll try harder next time.

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