Thursday, October 25, 2012

UPDATE: 5 Min Choco Mug Cake

A friend wanted to try Splenda in place of regular sugar in yesterday's recipe of 5 Min Choc Cake in a Mug. Hmmm, I didn't know if it would work so I tried it. Yummy!
Dumping the MugCake into a bowl helps it cool down quickly - some ice cold whipped creame helps, as well.
I did make a few modifications to the recipe just for fun: reduced oil from 3 Tblsp to 2 AND Added 1 tsp of Peanut Butter & about 1 tsp of Natural Agave Syrup [in with the liquids].  I used 4 Tblsp of Spenda instead of regular sugar. I stirred all this together with a fork in a big mug and cooked it in the microwave for 3 minutes -- 2 1/2 minutes might have been enough b/c my micro is very high wattage.  This quick cake was delish and I even added a squirt of Whipped Creame on top... made for a better picture, don't cha think? lol. OK, OK, I confess, I didn't have any ice cream.
in the Micro
Done cooking. Cake fell a little
 Until next time. . . I am going to work on a couple of DJ blocks and then turn on Game 2 of the World Series -- what are YOU going to do today??

Quilty Hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

Me? I'm working on a Dutch Treat block. Yummy! Wonder how it would work with Stevia (my prefered sweetenter over Splenda). Just might have to give it a go, LOL!

LuAnn said...

Hi Cyn

Wouldn't that make a great Christmas gift to give someone a pretty mug with the dry ingredients in a baggie along with the recipe? And, yes the whipped cream sure made a yummy looking picture.

Frummie said...

Hello All,
I didn't take a picture.
Pat, I think any sweetener will work. I cut the sweetener to 2 packages.
I am really sorry the our friend chose to put this on her blog. I made it twice yesterday. So much for my diet...LOL

Deb A said...

Me thinks I will be making myself a little microwave cake in a mug after the kiddo's are in bed tonight =).
I think I'll add ice cream and whipped cream.... oh. Got a jar of cherries in the pantry and some chocolate syrup. Heck.... I'm going to make it now! Maybe I'll share with the kids =).......

Deb A said...

You need to add a warning at the top! This is way too good! Thanks...... and no... the kids did not get any!

Cathy said...

The grandkids and I made a version of this last year from a recipe in the newspaper. I hate to say it was disappointing and rubbery and not very pleasing to the palate. And, it was hard to wash out of the cups. Good thing for me because if it was delicious I would probably have whipped one up every night ;-)