Sunday, October 21, 2012

DEAR JANE: LS-13 Triangle

This is the Triangle for the DJRetreats Yahoo Group's BOW due by midnight tonight. For some reason the PPing didn't go as smoothly as I expected. lol. The melons - with a couple of points left to applique down - are a bit wonky... again! Yuck. Perhaps beginning earlier in the day, or even earlier in the week would be a solution to the 'wonkiness'.
DJ Triangle LS-13: prepping the melons
DJ Triangle LS-13: appliqueing the melons
Might not get the D-4 block assignment completed. And, D-4 has four more melons!  That will depend on how late the baseball game runs.  BASEBALL just started and I need to go watch and root them on!

Until next time. . . what are you working on today???

Quilty Hugs,

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scraphappy said...

Congratulations on your DJ triangle. Glad you got it finished in time. Having deadlines is such a good motivator for us all.