Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear Jane... J-4 done!

One more block completed for the DJRetreats BOW [Block Of the Week]... and it's not even midnight yet. Midnight is our deadline.
Dear Jane: Block J-4
Using FP-PPing, I made J-4. The fabric reminds me of some ties my Granddaddy wore in the 1950's. Now that's a while ago.  Even though this is a very simple block, I added two drawn lines to connect the sewn strip to the edge so when putting the two triangles together the seams would line up. I'm trying to knock the cobwebs off my PPing skills in preparation for the really difficult blocks to come.
Two added lines to help with alignment

Pulling threads to straighten edge of Fat 8th... wow was it crooked

Left two small pieces of FP to remind me the s.a. has an extra 1/8"
Because it might take me a while to finish DJ, all the new blocks I'm making have an extra 1/8 inch s.a. on the outside. I want to be able to freshly trim them when putting on the sashing. Does anyone else do this?

I need to make a quick run to the grocery store -- wowzer, but my pantry is B.A.R.E. -- then it will be time to pack up and leave for the Baseball game! Yippee Skippee... golly, but I do love baseball. And, the World Series is just around the corner. Oh boy!

Until next time. . . I will be working on some placemats tomorrow - what will YOU be working on?

Quilty Hugs,

Cyn; -)


Pat from Florida said...

Looks great! Good for you!

scraphappy said...

Another DJ crossed off the list. Way to go! Good tips a paper piecing.

Cattinka said...

I am glad you got it done on time, because you have got some crochet ahead of you, update number 4 is online!