Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just a quickie post to share a gorgeous bouquet from my #2DD Laura. On HER birthday she sent me flowers to thank me for "our day"! Love that girl! The other pics are of some Orchids in bloom. Aren't they spectacular? I love Orchids. In the close-ups, if you look closely, you can see some of the "bearding". Isn't that neat?

Hope you enjoyed the little floral show. Thanks for stopping by for a visit -- see ya again soon.

Quilty hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

Beautiful flowers! Super neat daughter too! My oldest is 38 in 2 days. I do think the moms should celebrate too!

LuAnn said...

Love the flowers. They are just gorgeous! Nice thing for your daughter to do, too.

Mary said...

Love all your flowers. I am taking a bit of a liking to orchids and trying to grow some. Yours are impressive. Thank you for sharing.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Cyn.... once I became a Mom, I realized that it's the MOM that should be celebrated, on their child's birthday!!!

LOVE the flowers!!!!

*the accidental flower killer*


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

How sweet of your daughter to do that!! Your Orchids are beautiful, great photos!

Frummie said...

Oh Cyn the flowers are beautiful!

I just love our daughter. Thanks for sharing her!

Love you Sweetie