Sunday, March 18, 2012

NEED MORE BRAIN-CELLS - or, even tho' it's Sunday, here is Rainbow Saturday's Pink DishRug

Hmmm, better late than never, I guess, but it does seem like I am forgetting way too much lately. Or perhaps just not paying enough attention to the miriad of projects I get myself involved in. Does that happen to you, too? Case in point: this cute little Pink Dish Mat that was supposed to be posted Saturday along with the little Pink Mug Rugs. Oh well.

I set a couple of cups on it to illustrate how they are used - makes for a better picture. lol. This one is currently in the mail system somewhere on its way to my DGC in Hawaii. My sweet DDIL always decorates to the "nines" for all holiday and seasonal changes, so thought this little Dish Mat could add a Springtime touch to their kitchen.

First we have Missy 'helping' me press and then...Construction method: choose 12 charm squares [or cut some]. I set mine 3 x 4. Sew together into a rectangle. Press all seams. Now for the fun: begin cutting apart like you would for a D4P or a Disapearing 9 Patch. [Note: check out the great explanation of D9Ps on Elly's blog.] The pictures illustrate where I made my cuts. I chose to cut all one direction [either vertical or horizontal], sew together, press, and then cut the opposite direction. With 12 squares and a rectangular shape it just seemed to work out better this way. Don't forget to "rotate" the cut strips before sewing back together - that is what creates the new pattern! It was fun to take another technique and modify it to fit a new project. And... the good news is it worked! Love that.

Now press again, rotate, re-cut, then sew it up. Done! Add a towel scrap to the back "a'la Connie" and another Dish Mat is born. Fun project. See Connie's blog for a great tute on how she incorporates a partial seam on piecing to facilitate turning and keeping the edge clean and neat! Nice.

That's all for today. I hope where ever you are that you have time to create something you love.

Quilty Hugs,


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

How cute and I love the way you cut it apart and sewed it back together again!!

Sheila said...

Oh my. Very nice Dish Mug Rug. I love Me and My Sister's AMELIA fabric collection. DDIL will love it :D

Pat from Florida said...

Love it! And love a DDIL who decorates to the nines! A gal after our own hearts???

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

love it, great instructions.

barbara woods said...

love that fabric and we all need more brain cells are more room on our computor in head

Elly D said...

This dish rug is so cute!! I love how you've adapt the principles of the D4 and 9 patches to come up with something completely different.
GORGEOUS pink fabrics by the way :)
Great job !!