Friday, March 30, 2012

FLIMSY FRIDAY - Crayons & Quilts

Remember the Crayon coloring I shared recently? Well, this little DM is where it is going to live.

I'm not totally happy with the outcome, though. The tiny flange surrounding the colored/embroidered square is only 1/8th inch - should have made it wider, I think. Maybe Green thread for quilting? Golly, sure hope it helps to settle down the two dominant blue strips in this little Dish Mat quilt. DD's kitchen counter tile is green, but she really loves blue, so was hoping these two fabrics would play nice together. As busy as the print is, the blue is dominating. Drat!
Let's hope a LOT of King Tut 40 wt Green thread will settle things down. Fingers crossed. If it doesn't, does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps just making it all over again is the answer.

Isn't the cup cute? It was a recent gift from a dear friend. Love what's at the bottom of the cup! lol
The caption reads: "Never, ever, think outside the box."
I think this particular cup is the perfect one to set on this quilt! lol

Missy needed to 'help' and inspect things as I was sewing. I should have asked her about those blue strips!

That's it - thank you for visiting. I hope wherever you are that you have time to create something that makes you happy! Until next time. . .

Quilty hugs,

PS: Figured out what is bothering me - there are only TWO blue strips. I prefer odd numbers of things and asymetrical settings. I wonder if appliquing 3 small blue coffee cups across the bottom would help? A very accomplished artist friend once told me: if you don't like something, add MORE of it and it will likely settle down. I forgot about that advice when making this quilt. lol

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Rosa Robichaud said...

That cup made me LOL aloud!

Love your finished mat!!!