Thursday, March 22, 2012

CRAYON FUN . . . more info at bottom of post

Let the crayon coloring fun begin! I'm using Prang crayons on this small sample, but Crayolas would work just fine. As well as a sheet of paper to create your pattern on, here are some other tools and supplies that you will need:

About a year ago I stumbled across this cute cup drawing on the Pickledish Patch. It was offered as part of a free BOM - there is even a d/l image available now - I just drew it out on printer paper.

Method: Iron FP to the back of your muslin to keep the fabric taunt, making it easier to work with. Color as you like. When satisfied with the coloring, place Wax Paper on TOP of right side [colored side up] on slightly padded surface and PRESS [do NOT iron] with an Up n Down motion for a COUNT OF 5. Supporting wax paper to keep it from moving, carefully move iron to next area and press again. Repeat until whole design has been heat-set. This removes extra wax and sets the color. Below the coloring is finished and heat-set:

Now embellish with embroidery. A tip to separate the floss: hold length of floss near its end between your thumb and forefinger and tap against the ends with finger of other hand. Voila... the ends separate just like magic. I am using the 'back stitch', but use whatever stitch you like.

Below the "steam" is partially stitched. There is a huge difference after the stitching! When the embroidery is finished I'll decide how to use the block. Probably either a Mug Rug or a Dish Mat. Whatever, it will have a smallish pieced border on it and that will finish it. Maybe cut some triangles out of a Charm Pack.

This post is not complete until I share a picture of Missy - aka the "Lap Lump" - she insists on sitting in my lap when I hand sew/stitch. She's a keeper! lol

That's all for now. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Until next time. . .

Quilty hugs,

Additional info:
Yes, after heat-setting it is washable. If you are unsure, make a small test-sample, wash it and see if you like the results. I wouldn’t use any bleach or detergent with bleach in it. Also it has a very soft hand – not stiff like painted fabrics sometimes are.
Pencils are a good way to go, also. I have combined pencils, crayons, and Pigma inks with good results. Have fun!


Cattinka said...

That really looks good, but can you put that in the washing machine?

Sheila said...

That opens up a lot of lovely soft colorful possibilities! Could I use colored pencils? I think they would be easier for me to control where I 'mark' colors. Good tip about separating the strands of floss. Thanks. I was kinda curious about machine washing, too.

soscrappy said...

What a nice technique. Such a pretty end result.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful work and Missy looks like she is enjoying stitching alot! Can't wait to see it completed, I did this with my grandchildren a couple months ago and they had so much fun, we made pillows.

Cyn said...

There is now a footnote about pencils, washing, etc., on the main post. Thank you all for your nice comments.
; -)

Elly D said...

This looks fabulous Cyn :) Thank you for a great tutorial!
Missy is so cute :) hugs Ellyx