Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mystery Gift or DJSP??? . . .Happy Mail is always fun!

Friday's mail brought a Mystery Package to my front door. . . . .

"Happy Mail" is always so much fun!

The package had a Kansas return address, but an Illinois postal meter stamp. . . a puzzle! No note, message, or card inside—just some nifty goodies all tied up in pretty ribbon. I think it’s from my DJ Secret Pal – she is a very clever and fun person who has come up with some unique ideas and gifts so far this year. Gotta love her, and I do!

This Journal has lines, which is very helpful to me! She also sent a tube of Blistex, always welcome; and one-half yard of gorgeous pink CW repro fabric!! Nice, very nice.

Whoever you are out there . . . thank you so very much!

*huge grins*

All for now… I hope to put up some more pics later of my Holiday Jane DJ blocks that I worked on yesterday.



PS: this is the first time I've tried posting by emailing directly to my blog and attaching pics... wow, I still have so much to learn! lol. But at least I tried it.


Terry said...

How wonderful for you !
congratulations on your happy mail suprise.
Have a very safe and
Happy Memorial Weekend.

Elly D said...

Well done Cyn! you're a head of me on the posting now. It looks great too. Maybe I'll have a bash at it. hugs Elly