Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Mail: Giftie from FRUMMIE!

When I arrived home Saturday from class, late and tired, waiting for me was a "Happy Mail" package from Frummie! She sent QuiltMania - what a super magazine! Page after page of glorious color photos and tons of great ideas! Especially Basket Blocks! These peaked my interest because I am a member of "Basket Case Quilters". LOL. No explanation! Frummie enclosed a set of Perfect Circle templates, too. I've never used these before, but am looking forward to trying out the technique. Then, more goodies: stacks and stacks of little strips of very pretty fabric AND Frummie printed them in 1/2" hexagon shapes using Inklingo*. Thank you, Frummie!

I couldn't wait to try out these cute little hexes, so below are a few pics of my stitching process -- 6 hex petals, to one hex center, to make a little flower:

First, cut out shapes and arrange for sewing; begin sewing 2 'petals' together, then add hexes one at a time; close the final seam [1st & 6th hex edges to complete circle]. You can click on an image to enlarge it. The 2nd pic is a macro shot and that's a size 11 needle! It looks so big in the photo.

Press, twirling the s.a. to distribute bulk. See how the intersections form little "flowers" on the backside after pressing? Cute! Here is the completed miniature GFG block. I placed my thimble next to it to show its size.

Thank you very much, Frummie, for the opportunity to sew some of these darling little Hexes. . . it was a lot of fun. Thank you, too, for the great magazine & Perfect Circle template set. Your generosity overwhelms me!
That's 'show n tell' for tonight, friends . . . *vbg* . . . thank you for stopping by,
*Inklingo is a fabulous program that prints the shape of choice with both cutting and sewing lines on the wrongside of fabric using an ordinary inkjet printer! Amazing. For supreme accuracy, "cross hairs" at all seam intersections are also printed. Look for them in the photos in this post. If you haven't tried Inklingo yet, go to Linda's website and try the LeMoyne Star collection for FREE!


Cattinka said...

What a beautiful little hexagon. The thing with the printed lines on the back seems to really work out well.

Cathi said...

Great looking hexagon flower! Aren't they addictive? :-)

Rosa Robichaud said...

As Catherine says and everyone else, too.... "Aren't they addictive?"... !??!?!?!?

That's what scares me! LOL

LOVE your little flower, Cyn! Since I've never really done hexes before, I can't figure out how you got such cute little flowers, in the back...

As for the magazine... YES, I just LOVE the baskets, in that magazine!!!

Call me an official "Basket Case"! LOL


ranette said...

I love, love, love Quilt Mania's my favorite so I finally broke down and got a subscription! Love the little hexie's too.

Scrappy quilter said...

What a beautiful hexagon is right. And what a great goodie pkg. I'll have to see if I can find that magazine at the library.