Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grandma's Apron - 30's Fat 8th Swap. . .

Twenty-four of us on the DJAlt Yahoo list decided to swap some 30's fabrics. These are the photos of the beautiful fabrics that arrived on my doorstep April 22nd! All the fabrics are different - not one repeat in the bunch! Thank you, everyone! I am tickled to add these gorgeous fabrics to my stash, and can't wait to put them into a nifty project. . . I'm thinking of a Strippy Quilt of scrolling vines with flowers and leaves using all these fabulous 30's prints. Can you picture that, too? Pretty.

Maybe some easy pieced blocks in the alternat-ing 'strips'. . . nothing too hard or fancy, as I want the appliqued 30's fabrics to be the "star"! What do you think??? I wonder which pieced blocks were popular during the 30's? Sounds like some *research* will be involved. lol
A very large and grateful "thank you" to our Swap Nana, Elaine! She organized the whole thing - huge job - and kept us all in line! LOL. Thank you, Elaine, for a superior job!
More later. . . thank you for stopping by,

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Quilter In Paradise said...

oh how fun! If you don't know what to do with all of them,, send them my way!
Beth in Dallas