Friday, May 1, 2009

The 1st LEMON!!! - I'm so excited. . .

WOWZER! Our lemon tree has given us a lemon! We planted this tree only a few months ago. I am so excited that I just had to share a picture with blogland! Snoopy Dancing! *vbg*.
The little tree is about 8ft tall now. The tree's branches are to small to support much weight, so the lemon dropped to the ground. Undaunted, my DD Laura rescues the poor thing and this pic is her holding the lemon for its picture. LOL. Not enough to make a pie, but I'm thinking a squeeze and drizzle over some fresh shrimp sitting atop a pile of greens - - sounds yummy!
All for now. . . thank you for stopping by,


Rosa Robichaud said...

Lemon tree,
Very Pretty,
but the lemon flower is sweet...

and the fruit of the poor lemon
is impah-see-bull to eat...

*still humming that song, in her head*


Lucky, ducky!!! Our trees haven't even STARTED growing back their leaves, after the dreadful winter, that we had! *grin*

Tks for sharing, my friend!

*who hears that lemon juice, a wee bit of water and sugar and a couple shots of vodka makes a mighty fine drink!!*


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Thank you so much for contributing to Buddy's Friday. It would be great to see you as a regular visitor. I love your lemon tree. Where do you live. I grew lemon and other citrus trees in New Zealand but am cautious about trying it in Nottingham, UK


Amber said...

That's neat you have a lemon tree.

I'm glad you liked the crockpot lasagna.

:o) ~ :oD ~ :)

Elly D said...

WOW! A lemon tree in your garden.
Like Margaret I don't think one would survive here unless in a green house.

However, that Rosa has got that song stuck in my head too :)))
I love a slice of lemon in a glass of gin and tonic personally :))


Cyn said...

OK, that settles it: I'm on my way to Elly's, by-way-of Rosa's. . . the two of them have great *lemon* recipes that I wanna try! lol