Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday Quilt Class: Value Experiments

Mary Tabar teaches quilting and needlecraft classes at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. This semester one of the class projects is making various sampler blocks to explore value and color. The above photo shows some of the blocks from this week's class.
A few more blocks... the blocks are straight and true, but are a bit wanked [a technical term?? lol] on the design wall. *vbg*... we can sew straight, but we hang crooked. lol

Above, Joy is sharing her portable design wall with fussy cut squares. It will be a cute block. The bright pink is her 'design wall'.

Here are four 3" PPd blocks using a simple PPing design. The idea here is to experiment with value and get the value changes to do the "design work." After I finish up my last couple of Special H2H blocks, I will be playing with these shapes--if anything interesting comes out of this play-study, I'll post some more pics.
Mary Tabar offers everything from Artsy/Contemporary to Traditional quilts and everything in between. As well as dying her own fabrics, Mary specializes in photo-transfers and currently has several quilts traveling in Road Shows and has been juried into some prestigous venues. Mary encourages everyone to find their own muse and I have learned a lot from her.
Okey dokel, that's all for now. . . thanks for stopping by,
Cyn;-)PS: classmate's pics posted with permission.


Jean M. said...

Hi Cyn.... I love what you did with the colors... It is great to try diffrent things and that is why I would take classes to learn from diffrent people and their teneques,,, Jean M. :)

Cyn said...

Hi Jean M.,
Thank you for your comment. I can't take credit for the blocks in this post; they were made by classmates... mine aren't in these pictures. *grin*. I hope to make up some of the little PPing blocks this weekend.