Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cat In The Hat? NO... Cat in the BOX!

My little kitty Missy --all 8 pounds of her--is a hoot to watch when she plays. Lately I've been trying to clean out bookcases, cupboards, and the like. . . Yikes! I think this kind of activity is called: "Housework"! Yuck! But, I digress . . . back to the kitty: Missy just LOVES boxes and seeks them out. If I'm packing something for mailing, I always have to double check to make sure she isn't hiding inside waiting to be mailed off somewhere!
This little kitty is tricky, and quick! LOL. So to keep her occupied --and safe--when I'm packing things up, I usually put an empty box in the living room for her to "conquer"! She was so happy with her box yesterday that she put some of her toys into it. lol. Look at the picture closely and you can see her Red Mouse. [remember: clicking on a posted picture will give a larger image].
What a character Missy is. She is a wonderful companion [errr, when she wants to be!] and loves to be with me when I'm sewing... especially when the iron is on!
More later. . . thank you for stopping by,
Cyn;-) & Missy
PS: I should share kitty's real name: "Miss Diva". "Diva" fits her perfectly because she is one! lol. She allows me to call her Missy, for short. ;-)
Just thought you might like to know. *vbg*

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Karen said...

Missy/Miss Diva is just beautiful. My sister has four cats ( and one that lives in the carport.