Saturday, April 25, 2009

H2H - Blocks #'s 4 & 5

These are the last two hearts I made for our Special Heart2Heart swap. There are six of us that were making the extra hearts in addition to the big swap on the main Yahoo DJAlt list. The first pic below shows the two colorways that I used in making this heart. I apologize for such awful pictures. . . I think I better go take a digital photo class! *g*.

This is a closeup of the one made with a batik. I love batiks. It should have been pressed before sitting in front of the camera. Oh well, next time - perhaps.
I've been asked how I made this heart, so here it is. Fold a piece of FP in half and free-cut the two heart shapes. I am better with scissors than with pencil and paper. Sew two fabric strips together; press seam open; and iron the FP to front side of fabric strip. Be sure to reverse the hearts so you will have a light over dark and vice versa. Also, take care to line up the middle seam with the heart's "innie" and the point.
Cut a scant 1/4inch away. Lay on b/g and hand-applique in place. The FP is a guide for the shape. I applique the little one to the big one and applique both together to the background. This way, the recipient can cut away the background from behind the heart if they need to reduce bulk.
This is the last heart. I had fun choosing all the different reds, pinks, and Burgundies for the little squares. I saw something like it on the Internet, but wanted more and smaller squares, so decided on 16 one inch squares [8 whole sqs + 8 HTs], and added b/g strips around the pieced area to bring to size [6.5"].
All for now. . . back to sewing on the Rd Less Traveled qlt. . . thank you for stopping by,


Amber said...

These hearts are very pretty! Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your becoming a follower. Hope you like the crockpot lasagna!

Cyn said...

NOTE: Amber's Crockpot Lasagna recipe turned out very yummo! Go to her site and check it out!

Cattinka said...

I really like your hearts, in fact I like all hearts, I can never resist making them and yours are beautiful.