Monday, September 16, 2013

STRINGING THE CRUMBIES... Just A Stringer At Heart

Something was missing with my crumb blocks. Couldn't put my finger on it. Then I thought STRINGS! Yes. That would work. Make string blocks, cut on diagonal, and add the resulting triangles to the crumb blocks. Me likey! What do you think... you likey, too?
Strings+Crumbs = Interesting Square in a Square
The details: Crumb blocks are 9 inches square. String blocks are 7 inches square and cut on diagonal. This makes an interesting square-in-a-square and I like it.

Last week at ARETOY Quilt Shop, Rosemary helped me find the perfect fabric that looked great with my crumb squares. Friends are wonderful! I wondered how many yards to get; how much would I need? Hard question to answer when many design decisions were yet to be made. Answer? Buy the whole bolt! lol

Isn't it wonderful how strings go so well together? No rhyme or reason... just stitch them on and they play nice! Love it. They look so straggly, then trimmed up they look good... put in a quilt block and they look grand! Guess I'm just a stringer at heart.
Strings trimmed
Cut diagonally; add to crumb blocks
That's all for now... I'm headed back to my machine to sew a little more. What are you up to?

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Pat from Florida said...

Love your strings. I can't part with scraps either!

Podunk Pretties said...

I dont know why I haven't made one of these yet! You've made it look doable!

Joyce Carter said...

I really like these blocks. They are sooo pretty and really look great together. I have been making string blocks in between other things. I like how yours are going together so I might just add some crumb blocks in with my strings. I really hate throwing away any piece of fabric, especially one that I love so this would be a wonderful way to use them. Thank you for sharing yours.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

You know I'm hooked on strings to Cyn....just finishing some rug mugs with my leftover batiks. Thanks for sharing.
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Jeane said...

I love your idea of joining strings to crumb blocks. I am also a stringer but don't do crumbs(yet)! I find strings so fascinating and I am nearing the moment of needing a string fix. Love to see the finished crumb/string project.