Friday, September 27, 2013


The DJ block assignment for this week's BOW is: D11. The TOW is: TR11. Not sure I'll get the triangle finished by Sunday night, but the little block is done. If you are working on a DJ project, you might like to join us on the DJRetreatYahoo group... we give each other encouragement and tips.

DearJane D11 - completed 27Sep2013
It wasn't until AFTER I made this block, that I thought of a much easier way to make it!  A much more efficient use of my time would have been to piece the center and stitch the four "star points" on, then simply prep those edges and applique to a foundation square; add little triangles and done! Live n learn.

Until next time. . .I'm going to start that triangle... what are YOU working on?

Quilty Hugs,


Unknown said...

Lovely block. I haven't started mine yet or the one from the week before. Still trying to get back into working with tiny pieces. You did a great job!

Elly D said...

Beautiful block Cyn!! Congratulations get 'er done. I've yet to do mine. Leaving it a bit late this week :( Hugs Ellyx