Monday, September 30, 2013

PAPER ORCHIDS. . . Amazing!!!

The most amazing thing happened this year to one of my orchids. Well, first it bloomed for NINE months!! It set buds last December; bloomed in January, and kept right on blooming! This plant kept its flowers until mid September when we had a very hot spell and all the fans in my house were going full-boar! I think it was the hot air hitting it that finally did the blooms in. Here's the amazing part: the flowers never dropped... they dried right on the stem!
Phalaenopsis... bloomed for 9 months!
Usually the blooms turn a bit brown and yucky, and then drop. Not this year! The flowers became like fine, thin paper. Translucent.
Orchid's center dried in tact
In the close up photo above, even the orchid's "veins" are apparent. I've been growing orchids for years -- decades actually, and I have never seen anything like this. Very exciting.

Until next time. . . Thank you so much for popping in to visit. I might go sew some string blocks this afternoon... what are YOU up to?

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Pat from Florida said...


Elly D said...

This is amazing Cyn! I've worked on the tri applique leaf today so may have it finished this week. As well as or instead of the block, LOL.. Hugs Ellyx

Anonymous said...

Your orchids are absolutely gorgeous!! I love them, but sadly, I murder them!! Once upon a time I did grow violets and loved them!

Sheila said...

How ever did you get your orchid to bloom so long? Definitely a good location in your home : )

Deb A said...

Hi Cyn, Just checking in on you. Hope you are ok.