Saturday, April 20, 2013

JAVA-TIME PLACEMATS and Reversible Napkin set

This project has taken about forever, but they will be finished by tonight! Even if I have to stay up until midnight, they will be done! 

Clipping on some black fabric for a binding... do I like it? Yes.
The center fussy-cut squares are from a cute fabric line that is no longer available. The primary idea came from a picture in a magazine. Took almost a year to find all the coffee-themed fabric I wanted to use. Then another year to sew them up. lol. You ever do that??? Procrastinate like that?
4 Reversible Napkins
What held me up and took so long? Confession time: I choked on the FMQing, stuttered, got blocked. Sheesh! Because these are a gift, I just plain "tried to hard". . . once I told myself to just get over it and get them done, it was clear sailing. I'm still shaking my head. In the end, I just added some simple quilting lines in a grid and let it go with that... it's fine.  We are our own worst critics, I think. Well, I'm happy now and they are almost done.
Backing... all coffee cups. Cute.
Sure hope their theme is still "coffee" in the breakfast room... it would be more than inconvenient if it has changed to "seashells" or something. lol

Hope where ever you are that you have plenty of time to sew. Until next time. . .

Quilty Hugs,