Sunday, April 21, 2013

D.O.N.E. - TaDah!

Whoever is in charge of the Quilting Fairies... thank you! Ta Dah! All four placemats are quilted and bound and ready for their new home!
I'm liking the back2front binding method. One small straight line of stitching shows on the back just over 1/8" from the back binding. Looks neat and tidy to me. Think I'll stick with this method for awhile.
This has been a very busy, but very productive day. Love it when a day goes like this. It was such a glorious day today that I had hoped to work outside and get some of my new veggie starts transplanted into their big-girl pots. Well, it didn't happen, but a ton of other good stuff got finished. Sew I'm happy!

Please forgive the lousy photos, but here are all four of the placemats. . . I am pleased with how they turned out. And they are DONE! lol
This is how I'm doing the corners on the front.
Until next time. . . It's almost 10 pm now on Saturday night and this ol' lady is heading to the sheets! Nighty night.
Edit: LINKING to Connie at FreeMotion by the River.

Quilty Hugs,


Needled Mom said...

What a great day and such nice results!!! Love the little mats.

Michele T said...

They are awesome!!! Happy to hear that they are completed!!

Peziperli said...

These are wonderful placemats! I like them! Great work!

Lori said...

These are really nice. I love the colors you put together.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done Cyn thet look fantastic..

Elly D said...

Congratulations getting these finished and they look FABULOUS!! Cyn, your back to front binding is the neatest I've seen in this technique, great job! hugs Ellyxx

Deb A said...

Great job on the finish. That does look like a tidy binding job.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Cyn, your little mats look great and I love that finish! Thanks for sharing.
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Candace said...

Lovely placemats, the same but different. Someone is lucky.