Saturday, February 9, 2013


Happy Saturday! It's a good day to finish up some more small projects. First up: another small afghan to line Missy's bed. I love these. Way easier to wash a few small afghans and quilts than to clean her beds! This one has a center of afghan stitch in variagated cotton, and the borders in various washable wool blends using hdc, dc, and final round of dc shells. The big deal with this project is what I used to create it. An antique hook that was hand-made by my Mother's Father. It was made about 1910. I came across this hook early last week while cleaning out some more boxes of my Mother's things. It called to me, so I grabbed a ball of cotton and proceeded to begin crocheting. You know how these things go, right? I've just been missing Mom a lot lately and using her hook was comforting.

Missy seems to like her new bed.

Note the awful interior corners of this afghan. I inadvertanly picked up an extra stitch for the corner when I began the borders. I didn't discover this error until I was finishing off the shell edging. Nope! Wasn't going to take it out... so it remains a little wonky looking. Missy doesn't seem to notice or care so it will stay this way.

Another afghan covered bed atop Missy's 'tree house' perch where she loves to lay in the morning because the sun streams in right on her bed... so warm.
I drew my first scribble this morning in preparation for the new FMQ Challenge 2013. Libby Lehman and the TQS has graciously offered Libby's Thread Play tute on their website and it is FREE to view for all of February! Big thanks to SewCalGal who is organizing this once again. Click over to her site... she has all the info listed including links. I learned so much last year. This year I plan to put more effort into the tutes that are offered every month. If you haven't checked this out yet, go have a look. It's super! Oh... and it's fun!

Until next time. . . I have a doodle-cloth to batt up so I can practice some FMQ. I still have those placemats to finish, but I need to "warm up" first. What are YOU up to?

Quilty Hugs,


Cathi said...

That is a fabulous kitty afghan! As long as it's cozy, I don't think a wonky corner could possibly matter!

Pat from Florida said...

Lots of crochet in my ancestory, but never heard of anyone making a crochet hook. How special is that? You will have a special connection each time you touch it.

Free motion? I need all the help I can get. Off to check it out.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Wasn't that video something else?? I am so anxious to give it a try. SewCalGal is fantastic!!!!

Createology said...

Missy seems to love her new afghan for comfort of sleeping. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Sheila said...

A homemade crochet hook. That is so special. Love Missy's new bed : )