Saturday, February 9, 2013


Purple is a great color, don't cha think? I love it but must confess that I don't use it very often. Hmmm, I wonder why? Do you have colors that you like but don't seem to use? Maybe I have gotten too comfy with certain colors and have painted myself into a limited 'color box'. Sorry 'bout the pun; couldn't help it. lol

This block is PP'd using the FP-on-top method... one of my faves. I have some odd bits of batik in purple and black - hope I don't run out before the block is finished. The pic below shows the shape this block will take when complete. Vicki, of Quilting Lodge fame, is generously sharing her drawing with everyone. Check out Vicki's blog HERE to get your own copy. Thank you so much, Vicki!

Linky Party:  To see what others are up to with Purple this month,  have a visit with SoScrappy. Thank you, Angela for hosting this fun Challenge again this year!

Until next time. . . hope you enjoyed your little visit here and will return soon and often.  Now I'm off to bed for as Scarlett said,  "..tomorrow is another day."  Meanwhile... what are YOU up to this weekend?

Quilty Hugs,


Pat from Florida said...

I love purple, especially with blue and green and have plenty in my stash. What I love, but evidentally don't buy, is orange. Just rearranged stash today. Sad little orange pile!

scraphappy said...

What fun pattern. The RSC is getting dangerous -- I want to start a new pattern each week. I've saved if off for later though, too cute!

Deb A said...

What a neat pattern. So pretty in your purple and black. I seem to have a good stack of purple, green and blue. Pink and orange are pretty small stacks..... I tend to buy a lot of blue..... you'd think it was my favorite color or something!

Needled Mom said...

I loved Vicki"s Dresden and made a copy myself. It will be stunning in the purples!!

Elly D said...

Pretty purple fabric Cyn :) I'm intrigued as to what you are making so will check out Vikki's blog.
I agree with you, I too love purple but don't much quilt with it... well not much. It is an amazing colour though.
Hugs Elly (cow's tail as usual)

Peziperli said...

What a interesting pattern! It seems to be difficult!?
I like purple, but I don´t like orange or yellow. I don´t wear these colors.

Greetings, Petra

Edith said...

This is going to be very pretty, what a neat block.