Saturday, August 18, 2012

OPINION, PLEASE. . . How to quilt placemats

Hello everyone! Did you think I fell off the edge of the planet? Nope. But it's been so hot I haven't been working on my usual stuff. Right now at 6:45 pm, it is still 85 in the house! Yikes. Oh well, fans are whirling away which makes it tolerable.

Well I sure have my nerve! lol. Haven't posted in 10 days and now I'm asking for help! I sure do hope someone out there in blogland has some ideas and is willing to share. The problem is how to quilt the center of some placemats that my Quild is making.  We are making more than 200 placemats to be delivered to seniors over the upcoming holidays. Out of necessity these need to be made rather quickly, so to eliminate attaching binding, I have done the layer/stitch/birth technique. To help the edges have a nice finish, I added topstitching 3/8 inch from the edge [please see the second picture below]. 
Placemats for Seniors - Holiday Season 2012

Closeup of the edge finish:
Now what?? The problem is what to quilt in the CENTER of the circle after stitching the circle shape itself???  Would some rather large meandering look ok? Has anyone tried a meander over the top of a "pictoral" panel... does it look ok? Maybe just a simple grid across the whole thing???  Oh, I should mention the batting is Warm&Natural, so not a lot of quilting is necessary. The fabrics were chosen so the placemats could be used for more than the Holidays... check out the back:
Placemat back
Thank you for any advice or suggestions you can provide.  Until next time. . .

Quilty Hugs,


Deb A said...

How about outline just a few things - maybe the dirt road, part of the houses and the clouds? Or the trees, clouds and the cows? Good luck.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Hello stranger!! It would be nice to outline some of the buildings etc, but might take too long. How about a meandering but use a thread like Bottomline in a Oatmeal color so it disappears? Good luck and whatever you chose will be beautiful!

Elly D said...

Hello Cyn :) I would say ditto to Deb's and Connie's ideas as they were what I was thinking when reading your post :) Look forward to seeing what you do. A good time for some FMQ practice I'd say ;) and whatever you do DON'T FROG STITCH! Hugs Ellyx

Pat from Florida said...

I think a large grid or meander would be fine. It would take forever to outline the details! Lovely gifts.