Monday, February 20, 2012

R-E-T-R-E-A-T SPELLS "FUN" & "TIRED"... here are a few pics

Hello Everyone,
Retreat was totally FUN, but golly it feels good to be home! Do you feel that way when you travel or take a trip -- long or short?

During Retreat, the squares for my Twister experiment were sewn together, sub-cut with the special Twister ruler, and sewed back together. OMGoodness but it does shrink a lot with this process. BTW, I threw in a striped fabric just for the heck of it to see what would happen.

Hopefully, I can trim up the "waste" bits and use them to add a pieced border. Right now it is just too small for anything. Fingers crossed.

Also made another SnapItBag. This one is in Lime Green for DD's boss who loves lime green. Hope she likes her "911 Bag". That's what I call them as they hold "necessitites" safely and cleanly in the girls' desks at work. Ooopsy, got a tad wrinkly in the suitcase.
The Quick Project at Retreat was a cute bag: Super quick and easy even with a zipper. Will probably use it inside my Featherweight machine case to hold cords, the foot, and so forth. It will protect my machine.  Right now I am using old socks - not very attractive! lol

The Retreat Center is lovely, very quiet and soothing. Below is a pic of just one of the many lovely areas we walked past on our way to the dinning room -- sewing requires sustenance! lol. This was a nice place to spend a weekend. All we did was sew sew sew, eat, chat, sleep, repeat! lol.

That's all for now... more later when I've caught my breath.  I hope where ever you are that you have the time to create something for yourself or someone you love.
Quilty hugs,


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

You really got a lot of great projects done at your retreat! I keep saying I'm going to make a snappy is on my long list. I hope you liked using the Lil' Twister tool! I have several on my blog and also had fun with photos of before cutting and after. I also have the 2 smaller sizes.

LuAnn said...

Great projects Cyn. I love your lil twister quilt. Sounds like you had a fun, productive time. I agree it is a lot of fun to go but it is always nice to get back home.

Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE your little twister quilt or flimsy!!!!

Can't wait to get mine - it's on back order, right now....

Glad you enjoyed yourself, Cyn!


Elly D said...

You got a lot done on retreat! LOVE your twister project! Couldn't see how the stripe square came out.. did you eject it in the end?
Love your baggies too! What a great idea to have a quilted back for your machine feet. Glad you had a good time!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun :)

Pat from Florida said...

Wow, what gorgeous stuff you created at retreat. So far I've resisted that twister stuff, but you sure make it look easy and fun!

Yes, it is always good to be home!

Craftluver said...

Hi Cyn, Glad you are back safe and sound! You sure have accomplished so much during the retreat! Guess I need one for my DJ LOL! Your twister quilt looks awesome! Rest to get back on your feet again! And....old socks are really not from this time LOL!