Friday, October 7, 2011

GRANNY GONE WILD CAL: My Rectangle Granny

Grannies, grannies, every where grannies! LuAnn of Loose Threads has just launched a new Crochet-A-Long.  LuAnn is making a multi color square granny. I am making a rectangle shape in Blue, White, & Yellow for my DD's new apartment. This is where I am as of yesterday:

Making a square into a rectangle didn't go as smoothly as I hoped it would. lol. First, I tried making a chain, joining into a ring... nope, don't like it.

Second attempt: I made some "eyelets" and crocheted clusters from the eyelets... nope, don't like this either.

Third try: after some discussion with crochet friends and some trial and error, LuAnn suggested a regular chain, BUT put some clusters down the chain without crocheting on both sides of the beginning chain! YES! Success... it works fine and lays well with no ruffling of edges! Thank you, LuAnn for the suggestion... aren't friends great?!

FINALLY, I begin: Because grannies have 3 double crochets in each cluster with a chain-1 in between, we can proceed with a chain of any number as long as it is a multiple of FOUR.  Because I wanted a specific width-to-length ratio, I chose to Chain16. From there it is easy:

The rectangle beginning: Ch16, DblCr in 4th Ch from hook [this creates an 'end' loop], DblCr in next Ch [2 times- this completes the first 'cluster']; Ch1. Now, *Skip next Ch, DblCr in each of the next 3 Ch, then Ch1* rep betwn ** until two Ch from end. Skip 1 Ch and DblCr in last Ch [this forms the end loop for the other end].  Proceed as for Granny, changing colors on successive rounds [if that is your plan]. A granny is made by Crocheting 3 DblCr in each Ch1 Space [cluster made], Ch1. In the corners: Cluster, Ch 1, Cluster; Ch1. That's all there is to it.

I hope you will join in so we can keep each other motivated! If you just want to root us on, that is great too! Click here to go to the Flicker site to see more pictures.

That's all for today... thank you for stopping by to visit. Until next time, I hope you will create something that makes you happy!



Cattinka said...

Hi Cyn,
you did a great job in figuring out how to get a rectangular granny. Thanks for sharing!

Pat from Florida said...

You are off to a great start. When I made a rectangular granny afghan about a century or so ago, I made three regular squares for the center, put them together, and went from there. Yours looks super!

LuAnn said...

Hi Cyn You are making great progress. I love your rectangular granny!

Elly D said...

Oh Cyn, your new grannie looks wonderful! Thank you for posting how you did the rectangle. Will go over and check out Luann's blog now to see the instructions for the CAL.... may have to have 2 wip CALs LOL... as I'm also doing a small ripple... hugs Ellyx

Nélia Botelho said...

Vai ficar lindo!

Bom trabalho e uma ótima semana


Cyn said...

Thank you, Nelia,

Obrigado. Eu adoro crochê.

Eu espero que você vai visitar novamente.

Cyn; -)