Friday, September 23, 2011

TA DAH!! It's Finished. . . now, back to quilting ;-)

Well, it's done... my Giant Granny from the CAL on Sucrette's blog is finished. It took exactly 3 weeks to make -- one to do the crochet, and two to decide how to finish it and put on 3 more rows to balance the colors. Isn't that funny? For me, design always takes longer than the actual "making" of something. 

It turned out quite BIG! Here it is covering half the loveseat in my living room. lol...

First, I tried making the edging shells of Treble Crochets ... that seemed pretty heavy for this blanket.

So, I pulled it out and redid it using Double Crochet instead. This looks much better [pic below].  Do you agree? The smaller edging doesn't dominate the whole blanket; just sits nicely on the edge and behaves itself. lol. It looks a bit unruly now, but will look better after it has been blocked.

This afghan is too big to get the whole thing in one picture, but I think the pic below shows enough of it that you can see the colors.

This was a very fun project to do. It was even more enjoyable because I have been crocheting along with friends: EllyD, LuAnn, Katrin, and Sucrette [this is a new URL for Sucrette].  All these ladies make fabulous art! I'm looking forward to sharing another project together sometime.

Well, this is the end of crochet for awhile -- I must get back to sewing, quilting, and finishing up those last two placemats and I have a new embroidery project all ready to go: [the drawing comes from BariJ's site. I redrew a few of the lines to more closely fit my needs -- artist's license, eh?!]

Thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope you will come back again... until then, may you have loads of time to quilt, sew, stitch, crochet, knit. . . whatever makes YOU happy! What do you like to do the best?


PS: There is a link to a Flicker site on Sucrette's blog [or click on the button above and on the right side of my blog], if you would like to see what the other Giant Grannies look like.


Pat from Florida said...

So cozy. Looks fun to cuddle under.

Cattinka said...

Dear Cyn,
it is beautiful! You were so fast and the edging fits the blanket perfectly. You really should crochet more often. I can understand that you are itching to stitch now, you have spent a lot of time with the crochet hook.
Have fun with your embroidery project!

Brigitte said...

love your blanket, but crocheting isn't me. So what's next? forcing each other to continue with our DJ Babies???
hugs Brigitte

sucrette said...

Hello Cyn!
The blanket turned out wonderful and your white edging is perfect !
You should come back to crochet very soon ... we'll miss you :(
Have a beautiful day!

sucrette said...

One more little thing:
can you please please please adjust my new blog address in your blogroll?

Cyn said...

DONE, Angie. Thank you for catching my error. I had changed your URL in the body of the post, but forgot to edit the blog roll. Thanks again.
/; -)

LiteMotif said...

I love your crocheted blankie, it looks wonderful to nap under. It is funny, this is the time of year I bring out my knitting and the quilting has to wait. Ah the seasons of life. ;)

Klaudia said...

Hello Cyn,

it`s so beautyful, so socy and to cuddle under !
My english is not so good,

greatings from Klaudia