Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hello Friends,
This has been a really busy week. I did find time to put almost 40 rounds on my Giant Granny Square. I'm wondering if this Brilliant and Zingy Orange might just be a little TOO much??? What does everyone think? If I add Orange on round 40, will Orange be all I see when the blanket is finished? Hmmm, would love your opinions!

Here it is at round 39... I can barely get the whole thing into the picture frame. lol

Thank you for stopping by to visit. Tomorrow [after Guild Meeting] I hope to put up the pictures from the Tuesday Friendship Quilter's Meeting. . . until then, may you always have the time and inclination to create something for yourself or someone you love.

Quilty Hugs,

PS: The bright color at round 19 (in pic above) is actually a 'gold'... it sure draws attention to itself. That's why I am a bit concerned about adding bright Orange! lol. I guess my color-insecurities are showing like a dangling slip!


Pat from Florida said...

Go for it! I crocheted a giant granny square afghan for my first born in 1973. Psychedelic days, remember? It was bright lime green, bright orange, and gold. Phew! For playing on, not sleeping! Strangely when I brought it out and gave it to him when his first baby was born, it exactly matched his wife's high chair from babyhood! Rock-on!

LuAnn said...

I say go for it. I think it will all work together. I have 25 different colors in mine. I thought I could use each one 3 times, but my blanket is getting pretty heavy. I'll post a photo soon. I love yours, and I think the orange would be great.

Cattinka said...

I think your granny could use another bright colour, the gold stands out all alone now and it would be nice to have another bright colour to keep it company, hahaha.

Elly D said...

OH WOW! Cyn!!! you have done soooo well! Your GGS is looking so fabulous and I have to agree with Katrin the orange will look great in it. You already have some 'orangy' yarn in it a few rows back. Great going my dear friend :) Hugs Ellyx

Susan said...

I too think the orange can and should be used!! It will add another bright zing to the blanket.


W. Aust