Thursday, October 27, 2011

TA DAH!!! All FOUR Halloween Bags are D-O-N-E!

Breathless! That's what I am. I have been scurrying about from room to room sewing and pressing like a mad-woman making sure I finished the Halloween Bags for 3 DGC and one DGGC. Whew!

They are done. Packed into their little packages; postage printed and applied; and we will all go to the postoffice together tomorrow morning at 0700! Sending them Express Mail to guarantee they will arrive by Mon the 31st.
A wonderful friend -- Joyce M. -- shared some extra Halloween blocks with me, so turning the blocks into bags was pretty quick and easy. THANK YOU, JOYCE! The kids are going to love their bags!
Our LQS didn't have any Halloween fabrics, so a quick trip to JoAnn's was in order.  The fabrics are fun and look good with the blocks, eh?!
My house is a total wreck and poor Missy is feeling a bit neglected, . . but mission accomplished! I sure wish I could learn NOT to procrastinate. I wonder if there is a 'pill' for that? There is for everything else! lol.

Ok... that's enough nonsence from me today -- lol -- thank you so much for dropping by for a visit. I hope you will come back. Until then, be happy... it sure beats the alternative!


Cattinka said...

These trick-or-treat bags make me wish I was still a child and could go out on the candy hunt myself. The bags are all very pretty.

Unknown said...

Nice bags! I love Halloween colours and fabrics.
Lucky kids....

Brigitte said...

your grandchildren are loving their bags, I'm shure! even an adult (ME) loves them ;-)
hugs Brigitte

Elly D said...

Oh Cyn!! I missed these!! They are wonderful!!! I bet the kiddies loved them too :)) I hope they got loads of loot!
Nice work! Hugs Elly
who is going out shortly with DD... ;)xx