Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heart 2 Heart. . .

Good Morning!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I came down with a bad case of the 'bug', but I'm feeling much better now.

Here is a picture of the first 30 H2H blocks that I've made for a swap on the DJAlternate Yahoo list I belong to. Should have the last 10 finished up today and in the mail by this afternoon. Only one of these is PPd, the other 29 are straight forward cut/sew/press; a good thing when one is making 40 blocks! lol

Well, I better get sewing and I'll post more 'news' later.

All for now. . . toodles and thanks for stopping by.



Elly D said...

Hello Cyn!! Good to see you posting again. Your heart blocks are looking great!! hugs Elly

Rosa Robichaud said...

Just 10 more to do?!?!? Ah, Cyn! you can do those with 1 hand tied behind your back, while chatting on the cell phone and sipping a nice, hot cup of tea... AND polishing your toenails.... all at the SAME TIME!!!! *VBG*

The ones that you have already finished are GORGEOUS..... BTW.... *still grinnning*

Can't wait to get one from you.... plus the other ones, of course.... but the "special" ones, I'm not in a hurry for those, okay? *s*


Cyn said...

Thank you, Ladies! It's nice to have encouragement from one's friends... *vbg*... you two are the greatest! Thanks.
First a little nappy... then off to design some "specials"...