Saturday, March 21, 2009

H2H... how I did it. . .

This is how I made my Heart2Heart blocks. It is an easy and quick method!
For EACH heart block: CUT two rectangles from FOCUS fabrics--I chose different pinks--at 6.5 x 3.5 inches; from BACKGROUND fabric... CUT one square at 3.5x3.5"; and two squares at 2x2".
Lightly draw one diagonal line across EACH square. Place square in corner of rectangle [line up carefully so seam lines will match later on] and stitch a 'smidge' [one or two threads] from the line. Press flat to set stitches, then open and press... voila! A perfect corner triangle. Trim off the excess 1/4" away from sewn line. I save these trimmings... please see next two pictures. Also, I use these trimmings as "leaders" and "enders" while I am sewing. They make great little blocks to use in doll quilts or nice bits for crumb quilting.

As you can see in the picture below, my little kitty Miss Diva always tries to vie for a place on the ironing setup next to my machine. I guess the warmth is just too irresistable. The second pic shows her giving me "the look" after I encouraged her to scoot down a bit so I could press my blocks! lol

BTW, speaking of pressing blocks. . . I discovered that if I press on BOTH sides of the setting squares BEFORE opening and trimming, accuracy is greatly improved... no more having to trim off one or two threads! Yippee... that's a time saver!
After sewing/pressing/trimming two small and one large b/g square to each rectangle, place two 'sides' together and stitch with a 1/4" s.a. to complete the heart block. Be sure to slant the sewing line on the large squares half one way and half the other so you will wind up with a point for the bottom of the heart... ask me how I know I wasn't paying attention on the 'prototype' and sewed both squares slanting the same direction! lol... don't make my mistake.
The good thing? Even with my cat's help, I managed to finish all 40 blocks and get them into today's [Saturday] noon-time mail. Happy Dance!
All for now.... toodles, and thanks 4 stopping by.

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