Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello World... I've been away sooooo long

Some friends and I are hand piecing little stars made from six one-inch diamonds. We are using Inklingo to minimize the prep work -- NO templates... prints right on the fabric! ;-) ! We have been printing and mailing strips of diamonds to each other to increase the fabric variety in our projects.

So far I have 14 little stars sewn up:

This is the pile
of mostly 'brown'
fabrics that I printed
and mailed first:

And below is a pic of the back of a sewn star... I just love the way the s.a. swirls and flattens out so nicely. See the 'printed' lines & cross-hairs on the back of each piece? That's Inklingo. It's not necessary to print this dark, but with these ol' eyes, I'm making it as easy as possible & it shows up better in a photo! lol

OK... I've been real bad and haven't kept up with my blog. Health issues got in the way, but I'm starting to get back on track.
That's it for now. . . thank you for visiting . . . have a great day.

Life is good!

Hugs to all,

Cyn; -)
A quote from inside my fortune cookie of last week:
"Education will never be as expensive as ignorance." Makes sense to me. ;-)

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